Thursday, July 19, 2012

Take the Time to Prepare for an Emergency!

It is that time again! Time to be prepared for an emergency! In April we experienced a power outage and cell phone outage here in Southern California that affected San Diego County, part of Riverside County, into Mexico and Arizona.

I was in Carlsbad at the time, having to travel back to Oceanside and watched the chaos that started to first very slowly then quicker as the hours ticked by. Lines formed for gas which could not be pumped or paid for without electricity. Banks had to close for security and ATMs stopped working. Traffic lights were out, the 5 freeway started to back up and tempers were so short. Elevators were out and restaurants/bars got rid of what they could while food was hot, drinks were cold. The supermarkets had lines all the way around the building and store employees had to escort a patron one at a time with flashlight through the store to do their shopping and then calculate manually their items.

I'm not trying to freak anybody out, just trying to get the message across that I witnessed all of this first hand, not a scene out of a movie, and wondered if those affected that day would learn something and prepare ahead for the next emergency. Whether you experienced it or not, please prepare your home, your workplace, and your home. Get Disaster Certified and join your Citizen's Patrol for your local area. It would be a wonderful thing to show American True Grit the next time around whether it is a small emergency or a large disaster.

Westways Magazine put together a sort of "how to" on preparing your own Emergency Car Kit. Of course Map Books 4 U highly recommends that you have a Thomas Guide or a Rand McNally Easy-to-Fold Laminated Folded Map included for getting around in an emergency.

You will want to include pliers, an adustable wrench, a utility knife, a Phillips and a flat-head screwdriver, work gloves, antifreeze, a quart of oil, a Swiss Army Knife, weatherproof flashlight or one of those "shake" flashlights, wire cutters, bottle opener, (although you can use your screwdriver if need be), duct tape to make a temporary patch, a dry fire extinguisher, flares, and an ice scraper if you live where the weather is applicable. Reflective triangles are extremely handy for night time breakdowns or emergencies. A quality pair of jumper cables and a first aid kit are must haves.

Perfect additions to your emergency kit are Protein Bars, those small emergency blankets that can be bought in any camping or sport store, and a sealed jug of water. These items will not only help ease your mind in a breakdown but will be help you through a disaster. In California we have earthquakes that can really effect those that have long commutes between home and work. Carrying a Thomas Guide or laminated folded map is a tremendous help in getting you back to your loved ones when those main arteries, (our freeways), are clogged or closed.

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